Writer User Groups

WriteAid allows you to assign users in your account to specific user groups.


A normal writer account. Users with the Writer level can submit articles to be Approved and/or Published.


A Writer+ account has the ability to submit articles and mark their own articles as Published. You can select whether the user must get their articles Approved first before Publishing, or you can have all their articles auto-approved after submission (option can be set by editing their profile).


A Publisher account is designed for a user that has the ability to mark all articles as Approved and/or Published. They have access to all article submissions from all your other writers.


An Editor account has the ability to review article submissions from all users and can make them as Approved, Published, and/or Rejected.

Manager *

A Manager account has full access to all features and option, similar to the main Admin account. A Manager can add new articles, add new user accounts, etc.

Client *

Allow clients to log into their individual account to request articles and download content. Coming soon!)

*Business accounts only

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