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You should be spending as little time as possible when you're outsourcing - that's the whole point in doing so. By using our article and writer management software system, you will be able to better manage your writers and article/content creation and publishing. Learn how to manage a team of writers effectively by using our writer management system, WriteAid.

Less Outsourcing Headaches

Outsourcing can definitely take its toll on you - by taking your money and giving you headaches in return. With a solid system in place you can get rid of all of your outsourcing hang-ups.

Hands-Off Management

Tired of having to micro-manage your writers? There's no need if you're using WriteAid - your writers will basically manage writing themselves with our writing management software!

Free Your Valuable Time

Managing content writers should help give you MORE free time - and unless you have an efficient system in place, you're still wasting your (and your writers) time unproductively.

Time-Saving Integration

We've integrated our system with popular services to make your life even easier, such as WordPress, Copyscape, and more!

Articles written and managed through WriteAid:

How WriteAid Works

1. Add Articles

Add (or import) your content requests by including article details, author instructions, content requirements, and more.

  • Set your content requirements, including minimum word count and keywords
  • Define content deadlines and pay-rates
  • Assign articles directly to writers, or let them claim them themselves
  • Easily review submissions for approval and remote publishing options
Add Articles

2. Create Accounts

Create individual accounts for all your writers, editors, publishers, etc.

  • Each individual will have their own account
  • Writers can login and review assigned articles or claim them themselves
  • Easily review submissions for approval and remote publishing options
  • Export your content as TXT, HTML, or Word doc formats
Create Accounts

3. Review Submissions

Review all content submissions from your writers for easily publishing.

  • Approve, Reject, and/or Publish all content
  • Check all content submissions for duplicate content via Copyscape
  • Easily review submissions for approval and remote publishing options
  • Claimable article system allows your writers to manage themselves
Review Submissions

Our pricing

Our package are designed for usage. Free, Personal, and Business levels are available.
All new sign ups receive a 14-day risk free money back guarantee - no questions asked!

I have been using WriteAid for about a year now and it is hard to imagine life without it. Before WriteAid, I was trying to foolishly manage a team of writers with Google Docs. WriteAid provides not only a better experience for me but also for my team of writers. I have saved hundreds of hours with WriteAid!



There is no doubt that Write Aid has changed how I work. Before it, I had multiple writers emailing me with their work each day. While I tend to be organized there were times when it became so overwhelming that I wasn’t sure if I had posted something or not yet! With Write Aid there is no more confusion!

Wendy P.

I think I stay away from any program which costs me more money than I can afford, but this is one program that is worth it. I think every link building service should invest in this, or anyone with writers. I asked my writers what they thought and they said it's much better than the spreadsheets. If they are happy then I'm happy!

Lisa W.



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