Features List

WriteAid is packed with features that will absolutely help you streamline your article and writer management. We're constantly adding more features and improving our service so we'd love to have you contact us with any additional feature suggestions and ideas you have!


  • Dashboard - Get a quick overview of how productive your writers have been.
  • Articles - Review each writers submission progress.
  • Submissions - The system will create each articles HTML with keywords and links automatically for you.
  • Writers - Manage your writer accounts and monitor their activity.
  • Reports - Review the total number of submissions for any date range.

Writer Management

  • Each writer will have their own account where they can log in and submit their articles.
  • You can assign articles to specific writers, or let them log in and claim available articles on their own.
  • There are 3 different writer levels you can choose from:
    • Writer - A normal writer account. Users with the Writer level can submit articles and either the Admin (you) or a Publisher account must mark their articles as either Approved and/or Published.
    • Writer+ - A Writer+ account has the ability to submit articles and mark their own articles as Published. You can select whether the user must get their articles Approved first before Publishing, or you can have all their articles auto-approved after submission (option can be set by editing their profile).
    • Publisher - A Publisher account is designed for one person, such as a VA, to be able to mark all articles as Approved and/or Published. They have access to all article submissions from all your other writers.
  • Keep track of writers by seeing when each writer last logged in.
  • You can deactivate and activate writers at any time.
  • Set the total number of articles a specific writer can claim and work on at one time.
  • Add individual writer notes to keep track of writers, such as their pay rate.
  • Ability for a writer to add a separate payment email (such as Paypal).
  • Notify writers by email automatically when assigning them articles.
  • Easily contact specific or multiple writers via email.
  • Writers can easily add article markups to articles: headers [1-6], bold, italic, bulleted list, numbered list.
  • A spellcheck option is available for writers to check their article before submitting.
  • Writers can preview the article before submitting it.

Article Management

  • Review each submitted article and use the available options:
    • Approve - mark the article as Approved.
    • Publish - mark the article as Published.
    • Edit - edit the article to make any additional changes.
    • Preview - see how the article would look with an HTML preview.
    • Info - review the article requirements and notes.
    • Copyscape - check the article for duplicate content through Copyscape.
    • Reject - reject the article by sending it back to the writer with a note.
  • Set the required minimum word length for every article.
  • Set the priority level for any article or article group (low, medium, or high).
  • Article Deadlines - ability to enter in a due date for the articles.
  • The system will automatically unclaim any claimed articles that do not get submitted in a specific time period based upon the articles priority level:
    • Low - 5 days
    • Medium - 3 days
    • High - 1 day
  • Specify specific keywords that writers must include in the article.
  • Assign URLs to required keywords to be used as anchor text for creating your links automatically.
  • Add and assign custom labels to help you keep track of articles and groups.
  • Easily check your articles for duplicate content with our Copyscape integration.
  • Export your articles in CSV format to use with other content distribution networks.
  • Add any additional article notes for your writer to see before writing the article.
  • Add internal notes to an article that your writers will NOT see.
  • Filter your article submissions by topic, writer, time, word length, or label.
  • Search feature to find that one article you're looking for.
  • Archive Articles - ability to 'store' articles into a holding pool until you're ready to assign them to writers.

Detailed Reporting

  • Use the reports to keep track of Submissions, Approvals, Publishes, and Rejections.
  • The Performance Report will keep track of the number articles that are Timed Out and total number of Rejections.
  • Filter your reports by any specific date range.
  • View the individual writers number of words submitted with the detailed report.
  • Review the total number of articles submitted per word length.
  • See the total number of words approved/published for the day.
  • Easily keep track and monitor your writers performance and activity.