Check Your Articles with Copyscape

Copyscape is the leader in detecting duplicate or plagiarizer content – and now you can easily check any of your outsourced articles for uniqueness and duplicate content with Copyscape from within WriteAid! Copyscape Premium offers an advanced plagiarism search to check the originality of new content, and WriteAid can seamlessly integrate with Copyscape to scan … Read more

Duplicate Content Protection

All submitted content through Write Aid will now be automatically checked for duplicate content that has previously been submitted by the writer. A warning will be displayed to the writer and they will need to make modifications to the content before the submission is accepted. This should help with issues where writers (re)submit exact content … Read more

I Need an Article Writer

Are you looking to hire an article writer? Do you need some content written but not sure where to begin? There are a lot of resources out there about purchasing articles online but there are a few areas you should be aware of and several tips and tricks to help you hire an article writer … Read more

Article & Writer Management System

WriteAid is an online article writer management system to help you manage your article writers and their article submissions, and help you publish your articles as efficient and fast as possible! Headaches of Outsourcing If you’ve been hiring your own writer(s) to create articles for you, you probably have already experienced that managing them can … Read more

When Should You Start Outsourcing?

You should start outsourcing when you’re financially able and when you have a plan and know what you want to achieve. You start outsourcing when you’re able to put money back into your business.If you have a job that pays well and you have money left over at the end of each week or month … Read more