Top Freelance Writing Sites

1. Upwork

Upwork, a popular platform for freelance writers, offers a vast marketplace with clients from around the globe posting a wide variety of gigs daily. The platform caters to diverse writing interests and specializations, from technical writing to creative blog posts, making it suitable for beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Creating an engaging profile on Upwork involves:

  • Showcasing your past work
  • Detailing your writing expertise
  • Crafting compelling narratives about your professional journey

The platform's built-in job proposal system allows writers to directly pitch their skills to potential clients, providing an opportunity to stand out amidst competition.

However, success on Upwork requires dedication and a smart strategy. The platform uses a rating system that significantly impacts your visibility, with higher-rated writers attracting more clients and lucrative offers. It's important to note that Upwork takes a percentage of your earnings, which varies based on the total amount billed with a client.

Upwork also serves as a training ground for sharpening negotiation skills, crucial for any freelancer aiming to thrive financially. Learning to navigate client expectations and project payments is key to laying the groundwork for a sustainable freelance career.

Building a standout profile, addressing client needs, and persistently applying to gigs can open doors to adequate earnings and fulfilling long-term collaborations on Upwork. Networking and honing your craft with each project can help you become a go-to writer in your favored niches.

2. Freelancer

Freelancer provides a dynamic platform for freelance writers, utilizing a bidding approach where your proposal's appeal wins the race against numerous competitors. Writers must advocate for their skills and articulate the value they can bring to potential gigs, which can be both challenging and rewarding for new talent establishing credibility in the freelancing world.

Crafting persuasive proposals is crucial on Freelancer, as it's your lifeline to securing jobs. Tailoring each bid to address specific client needs, highlighting relevant experiences, and outlining a clear plan for project deliverables are essential components of your approach. Understanding the project's scope and the client's objectives is vital for creating a winning bid.

Pricing strategies also play a pivotal role in this competitive arena. Initially, the aim on Freelancer often involves establishing a portfolio rather than commanding top dollar. Setting rates that resonate with market trends while reflecting the complexity of the task at hand is important. Some choose to slightly underbid initially to attract clients, gradually increasing rates once they have a robust portfolio and positive reviews.

Resilience is key to mastering Freelancer, as fierce competition doesn't guarantee instant success. Each rejected bid is a lesson in refinement, pushing writers to fine-tune their proposals and tactics.

Freelancer allows writers to scale their careers and immerses them in the core aspects of freelance job bidding and client management—invaluable skills for any freelancer. For those ready to craft proposals, competitively price their skills, and sustain a high stamina for challenges, Freelancer offers a domain filled with opportunities. With each project, writers evolve, adapt, and learn to navigate the freelance writing world, steadily working towards establishing a name for themselves.

3. Fiverr

Fiverr reimagines the freelance marketplace by emphasizing creative freedom and personal branding through its unique 'Gig' model. Writers have the opportunity to design and define their own services, attracting clients with their skills and unique value propositions. Fiverr's innovative approach allows freelancers to set up a storefront for their writing services, shifting some of the hustle from constantly bidding on projects to effectively showcasing one's abilities.

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Creating a standout Gig on Fiverr begins with a clear description that articulates your offerings with precision. Whether you're crafting SEO-driven articles, engaging blog posts, or compelling web content, your Gig should vividly lay out:

  • Your service details
  • Turnaround time
  • What sets you apart

Capturing attention quickly with captivating headlines and retaining it with meaningful content is crucial.

Diversifying your offerings by including various writing services under different Gigs can cater to a broad spectrum of client needs, increasing your visibility and potential engagement. Adding professionally polished images or video introductions to your Gigs can significantly boost your profile's appeal on Fiverr's highly visual layout.

Pricing on Fiverr involves balancing competitiveness and the true value of your expertise. Start with a base price that invites collaboration, but plan tiered packages offering more comprehensive writing solutions for an advanced fee. This structure highlights your versatility and encourages clients to engage in more lucrative projects with you.

Feedback and client reviews on Fiverr can have a significant impact. Encourage satisfied clients to leave thoughtful reviews, as these serve as persuasive, trust-building endorsements for future clientele visiting your Gig.

Through Fiverr, freelance writers control their professional narrative, crafting their careers with creativity, variety, and an entrepreneurial spirit. The platform allows writers to perform, engage, and succeed on their own terms, evolving with each client interaction and every eloquently penned piece delivered.

4. LinkedIn ProFinder

LinkedIn ProFinder offers an exceptional platform tailored for professionals seeking freelance opportunities, including writers from every niche. The platform connects freelance professionals with those in need of their expertise, leveraging the seamless integration with users' existing LinkedIn profiles to showcase their professional journey and network efficiency.

The initial step on LinkedIn ProFinder is presenting a compelling profile. Your experience, skills, and professional accomplishments serve as a live portfolio for potential clients observing your expertise. Maximizing the utility of LinkedIn features like recommendations and skills endorsements provides immediate social proof of your capabilities and work ethic. Regularly updating your experience section with robust descriptions of your projects and the skills they entailed is crucial. If possible, upload samples of your work directly to your profile or link to an external portfolio or publication.

Being actively engaged on LinkedIn matters too. Regular posts about industry insights, shared articles on the latest writing trends, and engagement with other people's content can keep you visible and relevant. Writing articles directly on LinkedIn's publishing platform can position you as a thought leader, further enhancing your attractiveness to potential clients seeking a proactive and knowledgeable writer.

LinkedIn ProFinder simplifies the connection between writers and those who need their skills by allowing potential clients to submit service requests. LinkedIn then recommends professionals who fit the bill based on the keyword skills and services listed on their profiles.

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The beauty of LinkedIn ProFinder lies in leveraging a familiar platform to push the boundaries of professional connectivity. It emphasizes a holistic approach, where attracting clients isn't just about the words you can type but also about the relationships you build and maintain in the digital workspace.

By combing through the structured yet expansive network that LinkedIn offers, setting up thoughtful connections, and continuously branding oneself as an elite professional, writers can tap into a wide range of writing gigs, from short-term projects to longer collaboration opportunities, all housed within this robust professional network.

5. Contena

Contena takes a thorough approach to helping freelance writers soar in their careers by specializing not just in lead generation but also by offering a blend of training and tools designed to enhance the art of writing. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting out, Contena increases your chances of landing lucrative contracts across the digital sphere.

At its core, Contena compiles a curated selection of premium job offerings, focusing heavily on industries that value well-crafted content and typically have substantial budgets, such as technology, health, and finance sectors.1 However, it's more than just a job board; Contena prides itself on being a full-fledged career development platform. When you join, you gain access to:

  • A deep pool of promising gigs
  • A catalog of mini-courses covering topics from basic grammar nuances to advanced content marketing strategies

Forging a profile on Contena enables you to quietly attract prospective clients. The real key lies in leveraging their high-powered portfolio system, where every piece of work can shine a light on your expertise. Contena encourages writers to focus on select niches, suggesting that specialized knowledge often leads to increased demand and better pay.2 Streamlining one's focus can help set you apart as a discernible expert in your chosen topics.

The Passport feature scans through countless job opportunities to identify what suits your nuanced skills or new preferences. This algorithm learns from the user's interactions with the site to better tailor job searches and advice. Contena also alerts writers to upcoming market trends and collaborative openings, helping guide their career paths.

Contena cleverly coaches willing writers on crafting effective proposals, handling negotiations, and standing firm when pricing their deserved fees. It's almost like having a supportive guide through the challenging world of freelancing, ensuring you're equipped with strict standards, first-rate job choices, and continuous growth opportunities.

What seals the deal for many is Contena's vibrant and supportive community, comprising seasoned professionals and aspiring writers. Engaging in thoughtful discussions around trends, challenges, and successes not only cements your grounding in this digital domain but also fosters tangible connections with contemporaries and mentors alike, making the vast freelance ocean a bit less intimidating. Contena is more than just a place to find stellar writing gigs; it's a launchpad for a robust writing career shaped by your personal ambitions and their expansive resources.

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6. ProBlogger Job Board

The ProBlogger Job Board is a niche platform that caters to bloggers and marketers looking to enhance their web presence. The platform offers opportunities for those with solid experience in blogging, content creation, or content marketing.

To maintain a presence on ProBlogger, you need a strong portfolio that showcases your writing skills and market knowledge. Each application should be tailored to the specific needs highlighted in the job posting, aligning your pitch with the potential client's framework.

Include articles from your portfolio that demonstrate relevance, reader engagement, or impressive metrics—anything that positions you as the ideal fit for that blogging role. Stay up-to-date with contemporary blogging trends and evolving algorithms governing content favorability.

Your cover letters should be creative yet professional, showcasing industry jargon with approachable explanations. Be prepared to make instant alterations to your applications based on different client briefs to increase your acceptance rate.

Building long-standing relationships is crucial on ProBlogger. Engage with clients about their evolving content needs and propose fresh ideas to cement your position as a resourceful, reliable content creator. Captivate clients with your narrative flair and marketing knowledge, solidifying bonds with those who value your intellectual inventiveness and stylistic agility.

7. Textbroker

Textbroker is a platform where writers can find assignments ranging from blog posts to technical guides. The platform grades writers from novices to advanced, determining the availability and class of projects they can accept.

To get started, submit an introductory piece rated by in-house editors who determine your starting level. Your initial assignments, although simpler and less remunerative, establish your rhythm and routine for client work.

To progress through Textbroker's levels, focus on:

  • Understanding client needs
  • Paying attention to grammar
  • Injecting originality into your work

Each submission is an opportunity to move up the platform's ladder.

Balance adhering to guidelines with allowing your creative instincts to add charm and freshness to each piece. This helps build a positive reputation and opens doors to more substantial and rewarding assignments.

Textbroker's direct order system allows individual clients to send projects directly to you once you've established a niche and garnered positive interactions. This validation comes with the perk of setting your own rates for these jobs.

Despite the structured guidance, opportunities for creativity bloom at higher writer levels. Textbroker crafts a symbiotic environment where both clients and writers grow, supported by the platform's administrative assistance.

Textbroker is a structured yet rewarding platform for freelance writers, whether you're a beginner needing a disciplined framework or an established writer seeking consistent work. Embrace editorial feedback as a stepping stone towards refining your storytelling skills and scaling the heights of your freelance writing career.

Choosing a freelance writing platform that aligns with your career aspirations and personal work style is key to job satisfaction, productivity, and success in the competitive field of freelance writing.1,2